Peter Cox

Peter Cox, Author

Peter Cox is a professional civil and structural engineer and has designed projects worth several billion of pounds construction cost. The projects include coastal defence, railways, housing, retail, industrial and places of worship in the United Kingdom, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He regards himself as primarily a designer with structural expertise. He graduated at Imperial College, London.

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God and the Universe

The above book may be useful to those who are interested in Patristic theology, St Maximus the Confessor, Teilhard de Chardin, God and the Universe.

Notes and Extracts from various authorities respecting the family of Buckenham or Bokenham of Norfolk and Suffolk

by Henry Maudslay

It is hoped that visitors will share their information on the family tree that is not in the book so that consistencies may be resolved. For example, the connection between Dr Thomas Bokenham of Norwich (Mother: Elizabeth Pottie) and the main branch is unconvincing. Also, there are two major missing links…