About me

Peter CoxPeter Cox is a professional civil and structural engineer and has designed projects worth several billion of pounds construction cost. The projects include coastal defence, railways, housing, retail, industrial and places of worship in the United Kingdom, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He regards himself as primarily a designer with structural expertise. He graduated at Imperial College, London. When technical books and standards are lacking he tends to find solutions by basic principles.

His interests include subjects which are generally poorly argued or researched. One is construction specification writing which is generally inferior in the united Kingdom compared with North America. The Grenfell Tower disaster is probably as a result of poor specification writing.

Another such subject is that of religion particularly the Christian religion which appears to have deteriorated from the original patristic tradition into a myriad of differing ideas in many denominations. He found that, in considering the basic principles of Christianity, there were two outstanding defenders of the original faith: St Maximus the Confessor (558-620) and Teilhard de Chardin (1884-1955). Accordingly, he was secretary of the British Teilhard Association for many years. The study ‘God and the Universe’ is the result of analysing the works of the two above authors.

He also continues to research family history including particularly the family history of his mother’s family, the Bokenhams. An 1884 book on the subject can be accessed from this web site.
Peter is married with four children and six grandchildren. Holidays abroad tend to be around the Mediterranean. The Lake District is the favourite British holiday. Peter also plays bad golf.