Notes and Extracts from various authorities respecting the family of Buckenham or Bokenham of Norfolk and Suffolk

by Henry Maudslay

Henry Maudslay, Notes and Extracts from Numerous Authorities Respecting the Family of Buckenham or Bokenham (London: 1884).

Bokenham Family HistoryIt is hoped that visitors will share their information on the family tree that is not in the book so that consistencies may be resolved. For example, the connection between Dr Thomas Bokenham of Norwich (Mother: Elizabeth Pottie) and the main branch is unconvincing

Also, there are two major missing links;

  • The connection between George Bokenham (1778-1831) and his wife Harriet Houghton and the main branch.
  • The connection between William Bokenham who married Mary Pierson (1771-1864) and the main branch. There had been confusion between this William and another William who was drowned in 1773.

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  1. William (Ed) Wright

    Hello from across the puddle. I haven’t yet finished reading your text, but I’m hoping to find clues to an ancestor who may have emigrated to Maryland in the 1670s. Thomas is mentioned in the probate records of another man, Samuel Tovey, who apparently became guardian to Thomas Buckenham’s children. In the probate Samuel Tovey gives the Buckenham children items that had belonged to their father, Thomas. The date of this probate indicates that Thomas Buckenham died prior to 1681. Samuel Tovey was a Quaker, and may be the same one who was imprisoned in the 1660s for holding Quaker meetings in Bristol. I’m not related to Samuel Tovey, but this connection may suggest that Thomas Buckenham was also an early Quaker. On cursory examination of your text I find almost no evidence for your Buckenham’s being Quakers. Thanks for your efforts. I look forward to looking more closely at your book.

    • Peter Cox

      I did a word search on Maudslay’s book and found that there were Quakers with the surname Buckenham. These Quakers lived in Bishopsgate, London, but the Buckenhams originated from Norfolk and Suffolk.

      I could not find a Thomas Buckenham who was a Quaker but there was a Mary Buckenham who was born a Quaker in 1623, daughter of Thomas and Martha. I could not find their marriage but it is likely that Thomas originated from Diss, Oakley, or Brome. Your Thomas could have been Mary’s brother but there was no Thomas listed as a Quaker. There was however a Thomas Buckenem born in 1622 at Diss, son of a Thomas. It is just possible that Thomas and Martha moved to Bishopsgate after Thomas’s birth and became Quakers. If that Thomas emigrated, he would have been 58 years old in 1670 but it might have been his son who emigrated.

      The original name of the family was Snetterton but they moved down the road to Buckenham to become Buckenham. Some Buckenhams became Bokenham and some Buckingham. My mother was a Bokenham.

      I hope this has been of some assistance.


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